We have done work for many types of customers including electronics, medical, marketing, bicycles, fishing tackle, farm equipment, and the military.
Examples of parts produced: solder tabs, weld tabs, contacts, discs, flat washers, fiberboard and plastic insulators, connectors, weld cups, stacking cups, scoops, brackets, gaffe hooks, decoy fins, contact buttons, etc. 

Current press capacity ranges from 5 ton up to 60 ton. A majority of what we do is .005" thick nickel but we can handle materials from .003" up to .150" thick. Zakobe has the capability to design and produce all of our tooling in house. Whether you need one part or thousands we can get it done. We can produce blanking dies, progressive dies, draw dies, coining dies, and forming dies. We have experience with a variety of materials such as aluminum, brass, pvc, wire screen, phosphorous bronze, stainless steel, spring steel, nickel, vulcanized fiber board, cold rolled steel, pickled and oiled hot rolled, copper, tantalum, nickel wire, and nickel silver to ​name a few.